Bitcoin Effect: How Bitcoin will transform finance, economy and establishment

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Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser” – Wences Casares, founder of Xapo.

As Wences Casares rightly pointed out in the quote above, we are still in the very early days of Bitcoins; Bitcoins as a digital currency is only a tip of the iceberg. Before the internet browsers, anyone could hardly use or build anything on the internet. The same can be said of Bitcoins, today Bitcoins only remains a crypto-currency.
Browsers become the Graphic User Interface of the internet and allowed us to have more defining and fulfilling interactions with the internet. With the internet browsers we could access email, publish websites, use browsers apps, stream videos and do more.
Similar to internet browsers, Blockchain technology is more of a Graphic User Interface to the Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology allows us to express and experience the full potential of Bitcoins. Blockchain technology is what makes Bitcoins decentralized, transparent, autonomous and lack a central point of failure.
The technology of Blockchain is not limited to only crypto-currencies, we could implement it in various aspects of life to achieve transparency, decentralization and automation.

The Bitcoin Effect report

Bitcoin Effect report
Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized currency, the innovation behind the Financial technology revolution and also the first currency to have reached Gold parity, but that is just a tip of the ice berg. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoins, and Blockchain technology allows us to build centralized, autonomous and transparent systems.
Blockchain technology can be implemented into our e-government and economic systems as well as the Internet of Things creating a society which is decentralized, open, transparent, free and economically empowering. While Bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial industry, Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize our entire civilizations.
Bitcoin Effect is a report on the technology, potential and applications of Bitcoins and its Blockchain technology by Makafui George Dzivenu, the founder of Block Rush.
Bitcoin Effect covers the potential applications and opportunities of the Blockchain industry. The Bitcoin Effect report is a must read for all who want to understand the full potential of Bitcoins!

Here is what you will learn in the Bitcoin Effect report:

  • Understanding the value of Bitcoin – understanding the basics of Bitcoin technology, history of Bitcoin, creation of Bitcoin, crypto currency, Bitcoin network and the value of Bitcoin.
  • Get to know Satoshi Nakamoto – understanding the personality, understanding the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi the inventor, Satoshi the hacker, Satoshi the innovator, Satoshi the most wanted and facts about Satoshi.
  • Understanding the evolution of money 2.0 – smart money, creation of money, nature of money and digital Gold.
  • Impact of Bitcoin these industries: financial technology, employee remuneration, global remittance, online payment processing, inter-bank settlements, peer to peer lending, alt-coin industry and Blockchain industry.
  • Understanding Blockchain technology technology, nature and possibilities.
  • Understanding the nature of Bitcoin 2.0 – autonomy, smart contracts, decentralization, incorruptibility and privacy.
  • Understanding the possibilities of Bitcoin in Internet of Things, Sharing Economy and institutions.
  • Understanding the applications of Bitcoin technology in smart health, smart business, smart governance, smart property, communications and .mart security systems.
  • Understanding the opportunities value of Bitcoin new Industries, investment opportunities, business opportunities and career opportunities.
  • Understanding the opportunities in Bitcoin industry for enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs and investors.

And there's even more:

  • Significant inventions of the Bitcoin technology and industry.
  • Understanding the basics of Blockchain technology.
  • Insights of the applications of Blockchain technology in the Sharing Economy.
  • Insights of the applications of Blockchain technology in the Internet of Things.
  • Insights of the opportunities of Blockchain technology.
  • Effect of Bitcoin on business and entrepreneurship.
  • Effect of Bitcoin on investment and venture capital.
  • Understanding new investment models such as ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings).
  • Bitcoin has possibilities beyond coins.
  • Fact-backed projections on the Bitcoin technology and industry.

This report will look at the full effect of Bitcoins on the financial industry as well as the implications of Blockchain technology on our civilization.

Learn more about the report here: Bitcoin Effect.