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Remembering 2016

2016 may not be my ideal year, but it was worth it.

In 2016 I made a few new friends - well, virtual Facebook friends. I also made a new discovery, a discovery with the potential to forever change the cause of human civilization.

Don't get me wrong, I did not invent something, I only discovered the potentials of a technology that was half a decade old.

During the rest of 2016, I would spend time studying the potential implications of this technology. I would make assumptions that would outlive myself and many generations to come.


It was early February 2016, and a mild anarchist was Googling for liberal technologies.

The Sharing Economy was a great idea but people loved to own their personal and private properties. Even worse, the capitalists still controlled the sharing platforms. The middlemen were cut off, but the lords of the system remained.

I came autocross Bitcoin and other amazing Bitcoin 2.0 projects. Still enthusiasts argued that Bitcoin was more than just a crypto currency. Blockchain - the underlying technology of Bitcoins was being hyped above Bitcoin itself.

I was familiar with Bitcoins, the previous year I had used Bitcoins to buy a domain and hosting on Namecheap for my first venture that went nowhere:

All this while I was only a customer of Bitcoin it was not until 2016 that I came to know of Blockchain technology - the technology that powers Bitcoin.


At the time I discovered the blockchain technology, I was working on UnLawed Society, my blueprint for a utopia with a small federal government.

Blockchain was the technology left to build such a society. My discovery of Blockchain technology could have come at a better time.

At first it was the fabulous projects of Bitcoin 2.0 that got my attention, but Bitcoin 2.0 was about building upon the technology of Bitcoin - Blockchain.

Block Rush?

I wasn't the only one who had discovered the potential of blockchain technology.

Slowly, the world was waking up to its potential, but again the skepticism and ignorance cloud the true potential of Blockchain technology.

The idea of building systems that needed no middleman, yet were economical, tamper-proof, fast, lacked a single point of failure and decentralized was intriguing people.

New Bitcoin 2.0 projects were spring up daily and investors were taking turns to gamble.

As I explained in my report: Bit Gold, Bitcoin is the digital Gold. Even Satoshi Nakamoto likened Bitcoin miners to Gold miners.

If the discovery of Gold brought about the Gold Rush, then perhaps the discovery and exploitation of the blockchain technology of Bitcoin could be phrased as:

"block rush"

Block Rush

The 21st Century will be defined by the "Block Rush", not the "Dot Com Bubble".

For now "Block Rush" remains my neologized term, I hope it soon gains traction and adoption and acceptance.

As a decentralized open source technology, the Blockchain revolution had not definitive leader.

Amid loud skepticism, the resistance of governments, the bust of vaporware app coins, the huge losses to of hackers and the multi-million dollar bugs in most Bitcoin 2.0 projects, it seemed blockchain technology was plagued and doomed to fail.

Blockchain was not being given the fair appreciation and credit it deserved. Many technologies had won Nobel Peace prices, yet none of them could bring more peace, freedom and prosperity to humanity as the blockchain technology.

The world needed to be shown the usefulness of the blockchain technology.

Block Rush Info

Following my passion and the need, I am launching a blockchain dedicated blog to show the world the possibilities and opportunities of Blockchain technologies:

Block Rush is an information site dedicated to exploring the exploits of the blockchain industry.

At you will find credible information about the possibilities and opportunities of the blockchain technology. No hyping and no bias.

Blockchain technology is not a technology of anarchists, it is the technology of humanity: it is about freedom, privacy, decentralization and integrity.

Blockchain technology is not a needless bloatware hyped by insider, blockchain technology is worth more than the IoT - in fact, the blockchain technology is the only reputable technology to power the IoT.

Blockchain technology is robust, economical, secure, has no single point of failure, lightening fast, scalable and tamper-proof.

At you will find exclusive reports on the blockchain potential. We also report on news, blockchain lifestyle trends, blockchain products reviews, polls, forums and more. We have case studies where we analyze the applications of blockchain technology to society. is adapted to all the four stake holders of the blockchain industry: entrepreneurs, investors, software developers and enthusiasts.

Blockchain and FinTECH enthusiasts are welcome to guest blog with us. will be launching early January 2016. Kindly visit, read our posts to inform yourself, take polls, join our reviews, subscribe to our monthly digest newsletter, interact with a FinTECH community and get our exclusive reports to gain insights into the blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology is not about FinTECH. FinTECH, IoT and smart decentralized governance are just products of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is not going away, it will outlive this generation and many more.

The future of humanity will be blockchained.