Life Tetrahedron

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Life Tetrahedron
Life Tetrahedron

The Life Tetrahedron is a classification and prioritization principle of life. It is the very framework of life.

As life became more and more complicated, it has become more difficult to retain personal sanity, vision, values and identity.

The influence of media and pressure from society has clouded our judgments and sense of who we are and what we should even be.

With the weakening of family of the family system and the failure of the academic system to care holistically for human beings, most people of this generations have very little wisdom, most of which they accumulated form their own personal undoings and social media sites.

But that is not enough.

As human beings we need more than just gigs from 'how-to' websites, or influence from friends.

Human beings are not animals, and we are not plants.

Being human entails more than just being in the form of a human.

A human being has three elements in the very Image of our Creator:

  1. Spirit
  2. Soul
  3. and Body

Traditionally, religious institutions took care of developing the spirit, the family took care of training the soul, and the academia and society took care of the body.

However in this age of secular capitalism where materialist needs comes first, humanity has forsaken its true identity in the pursuit of materialists possession.

Of the three elements of man, the spirit has been relegated into the background under the name of the 'sub-concious-mind', by some the academia.

Ignoring spiritual development means the death of your human spirit, and when that happens you have a human being who has only a soul and body( the spirit is dead) - just like animals. Technically that is a human animal.

By relegating spiritual welfare into the background, society has effectively created a generation of 'human animals' who exhibit the very same basic instinct as animals: survival.

A secular generation with failed family and academic institutions only means more and more human animals will be created. Animals have only one basic instinct: survival, and so do humans animals.

Soon values such as morality, honesty, respect for the elderly, wisdom, modestly, faithfulness cannot be preserved by entities with only survival instinct. The result is glaring. Our society now only feeds on everything it can, human, animal, and the every earth that we all live on.

This has grown into what is known today as the 'cut-throat capitalism' and is also summarized in the popular saying: 'each man for himself; God for us all'. Its a world of selfishness, materialism, foolishness and every vile thing.

"The road of life is wrecked with the lives of reckless people", they say.

Age of Confusion
As the age of secularism dawn on us like a sea storm and even the line between reality and truth is fading.

With no proper parental upbringing, a majority of the human population are shallow on the inside and constantly looking for content on from the external to fill themselves with. They turn to movies, celebrities, reality shows, sport, politics, religious cults, media, and academia.

Most people do not do not know who they are or what to do with their lives. Instead they turn to the governments, employers, public speakers, media, celebrities, friends, academia, and religious lords to tell them who they are and what they should do with their lives. People even want to be told how they should even live their lives.

In the 21st century, the human soul has become the next frontier for capitalism. Humanity has become the prime product of this age. Religious institutions, organizations, governments and corporations want to model humanity into their version of the ideal human.

Its the age of confusion, and the line between 'needs' and 'wants' is blurring.

The need for prioritization

Necessity they say is the mother of invention and an age of confusion demand some order.

Then came Abraham Maslow and his theory of needs, and it soon became the measuring stick of life for most people.

The theory allowed people to differentiate between their needs and wants. It gave people the power to prioritize and bring order into their live.

Abraham Maslow's theory of Needs would have been perfect for non-spiritual beings like animals, excerpt that we are human beings, not human animals.

Human beings have a soul and spirit, which are very important yet completely ignored by the Abraham Maslow theory of Needs.

For this reason I am proposing the Life Tetrahedron.

The Life Tetrahedron is basically the framework for the human life. The Life Tetrahedron is more than just a theory of needs, in itself its a simplification of the very meaning and purpose of life.

What is the Life Tetrahedron?

The Life Tetrahedron consist of four elemental pillars of needs arranged in a fatally nonnegotiable order. No matter what happens, you must keep the prioritization of the elements in their default order, especially at the point of death.

The basic principle of the Life Tetrahedron is simple:

1. discover and develop yourself
2. use your potentials to help others around you

    You can do this with many other theories out there, but what makes the Life Tetrahedron special is the sense that if you heed it, you will have a complete and fulfilled life both in this world and the next.

    Most theory of needs overlook spiritual needs, meaning they are targeted at human animals, not human beings.

    The Life Tetrahedron:

    Life Tetrahedron
    Life Tetrahedron
    1. Spiritual welfare and personal development
    2. Mission and ministry
    3. Family and Society
    4. Professional and Secular

      Note that the elements of the Life Tetrahedron must not be re-ordered else everything is compromised, as in the example below
      1. Personal development and spiritual welfare
      2. Mission and ministry
      3. Family and Society
      4. Professional and Secular

        How Does the Life Tetrahedron Work?

        By the Life Tetrahedron you order your life in the order of the elements of the Life Tetrahedron. No matter what happens, you must preserve the elements of your Life's Tetrahedron in the order they are on the Life Tetrahedron.

        1: Spiritual welfare and personal development:
        Spiritual welfare: No matter what happens in your mission, ministry, family, social life or career, your spiritual welfare should always come first. You never know when you will die, you need to be prepared for your afterlife.
        Personal development: Before you can help others, you first need to discover and develop yourself. You need to take care of yourself, learn, train, be happy, optimistic and prepared.

        2: Mission and ministry:
        Mission: Its your duty to discover your mission on Earth. Some people call it destiny while others call it purpose. Everyone has one; find yours.
        Ministry: Ministry is the service you render to to your fellow humans with your gifts or talents. Everyone has some gift or talent, and its our duty to use it to minister to our fellow humans.

        3: Family and Society:
        Family: Family comes in as the third element on the Life Tetrahedron. Love, affection, companionship are basic human needs.
        Society: Society includes all those in your social circles, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone else in the world.

        4: Professional and Secular:
        Professional: The professional includes materialistic things that are necessary - needs. This includes foods health, wealth, sex, shelter, rest,...
        Secular: This is more about the canal needs, what every they maybe.