So You Don't Ask - I'm Makafui George Dzivenu

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From Ghana, I'm Makafui George Dzivenu and I'm the ambition-obsessed fellow who dropped out of High School because it was driving me out of my mind.

My favorite avatar - Makafui George Dzivenu

After that I tried to pull a few tricks including Money Spree which failed but also taught me priceless life lessons. As a product of my lessons I developed the Life Tetrahedron to serve as the framework of the human life. If you are a human being, you should check it out. I then setup Nanciaga to directly help anyone setup their life Tetrahedrons.

After spending sometime to re-discover myself and develop myself psychologically, I'm out now set to teach the world a lesson too. My first victim will be the current monochrome legal system which has screwed me on a few times. I launched the UnLawed Society to reform the current legal and political systems into Multic-colored Legal system and Multicracy respectively.

Makafui George Dzivenu
Makafui George Dzivenu under 19

I have also written a report titled: Block Rush which details my lessons on the technologies, applications, opportunities and future of the blockchain technology. It is a must read for all who want to know more about the possibilities and future of the blockchain technology. Block Rush is a non-guide making it suitable for all to read, wherether you are novice to the blockchain, an investor or an entrepreneur.

In Block Rush you you discover the potential of the blockchain technology, and I have too. Bit Mega is non-profit organization I setup to build a blockchain that will power the smart cities of the future as described in the report.

I'm 22 years old and oh, I'm just getting started.

Spiritually I am a Believer by my Father's standards.

By now you should have some idea of the type of person I am, but I would like to know about you also. Connect with me on my social media and *you never know...

Disclaimer: Before dropping out of High School for personal reasons I do not regret, I took an alternate legally accredited graduation exam. This means I am still a High School graduate. Honestly I would not have come this far if not for my education during which I also made great friends. Bottom line: School is important, illiteracy is the worst state to be in as a human. I would never advice anyone to drop out of school.